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Inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places of everyday life. The environment in which people thrive feeds my vision.


I believe it is important to capture life's events as they happen. Though, I specialize in traditional portrait photography, I excel in the raw atmosphere known as candid. Candid is everything that traditional is not. It brings the elements of emotions into play. I enjoy capturing that nanosecond where a simple glance can be immortalized to tell a story.



While combining my excitement for new challenges, meeting all walks of life, and anything and everything photography related, I passionately push on everyday with this little journey of mine. 



I am a lifestyle, portrait, and editorial photographer and studio owner with a passion for philanthropic services. Based in the Greater Tallahassee area and servicing North Florida and South Georgia, Whigham Images is known for its crisp, vivid, southern portraits. 



Meet Magnolia Rae aka "Maggie"

Maggie hails from South Georgia and is our studio manager. She loves to greet and entertain our daily customers ensuring to put a smile on your face!