Out With The Old & In With The New

Technology changes all the time. Phones become out dated, file types that were supported yesterday may not be supported tomorrow, they are already eliminating DVD drives on computers, USB drives can’t be far behind the same obsolete status.  So the time has come… I researched pricing again, and again, and AGAIN, re-did the math, and took a deep breath and rolled out the new business model for Bri Whigham Photography LLC. We will now be a full service one stop shop offering IPS (In Person Sales) instead of “Shoot & Burn” as they call it. 

On October 1st, 2015 the new business model will begin!  I’m very excited to offer this all inclusive service and can not wait for all of you to have a special experience to remember.  Not only will I tell your story but now I can help you preserve your story for generations to come through new sessions and print packages.  Yes, you can still have access to digital files and there are payment plans available for everyone.  Sessions will include a reveal appointment designed for you where we can sit down and look at your images together.  You’ll be able to view samples and a slide show of your images.  I will walk you through the ordering process and answer any questions you may have. 

 I love photography & and I BELIEVE in photography.  I believe that photography can extract emotions like no other media can.  I believe that photography is the best “historian” your family can have.  I believe photography remembers what the years may forget…

Sincerely, Me