Hearts Apart Wright Family

As you all know helping others is something I am very passionate about, especially when it comes to our nations military. The three main organizations I hold near and dear to me are Operation Homefront, HeartsApart, and Wounded Warrior Project. One of the projects I help to fulfill for HeartsApart is providing military families deploying with a photo session full of memories to forever hold onto. This time I got the pleasure of meeting and getting to know the Wright family. With a similar home life and open personality it was easy to get to know them. All with contagious smiles on their faces it made me think how lucky I am to be able to sometimes bring tears to an entire family and provide them with an everlasting experience. Being able to do this reminds over and over again how much I love my job! 

Justin currently serves in the Air Force and is set to deploy again next year. He has 4 children and a loving wife. Cassandra is an amazing mother who supports her husband and helps keep everyone together. 

Cassandra & Justins Story: "Justin and I met our junior year of high school and remained close friends for years. Upon graduation, Justin joined the military and I moved away for college. We both married but wound up divorced before we reconnected about 6 years ago. He has 3 children from his previous marriage and we have full custody. We also have a daughter together." 

You can find the rest of the photo collection here: http://briwhighamphoto.pixieset.com/wrightfamily/


I am thrilled to announce that we are one of the newest photographers for the popular Fotolanthropy Organization. As you know we are heavy into helping others. I believe it is important to capture life's events as they happen. I thrive to capture that one glance that can be immortalized to tell a story. 

The mission of Fotolanthropy is to capture and share inspiring true stories of people who have overcome adversity through photography and film. Fotolanthropy seeks to be a hub of inspiration for all through the power of storytelling. 

If you have or know of an inspiring story, please either email myself to nominate the story to Fotolanthropy, or submit the story yourself on the Fotolanthropy website at www.Fotolanthropy.com
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“I know what I'm capable of; I am a soldier now, a warrior.."

“I know what I'm capable of; I am a soldier now, a warrior. I am someone to fear, not hunt.” - Pittacus Lore

Yesterday we got the pleasure of spending the day in South Carolina seeing Terry's nephew graduate from Army Basic Training. It was a true honor getting to witness and capture the beginning of this young mans military career. Experiencing and getting to see the  pure joy and pride on his face is irreplaceable! 

Trell has come a long way and has a long road ahead but he is destine to do great things. Following in the foot steps of his uncle, he has an amazing "leader" to look up to. We are excited to see what unfolds and will be along side him through it all cheering him on to push, strive, and be the best Solider he can be! 

Lions, Tigers, & BABIES, OH MY!

So its no secret these past two weeks have been filled with babies and the baby train does not look like its slowing down. I still have galleries on top of galleries I am working on every day! Boy do I love my job though. With four babies with milestones next month and FIVE (yes 5!) new baby plans signed in the last month one might say I am a busy lady when it comes to my younger clientele. Some of my favorite shoots from the last weeks were the gorgeous mommy to be Sabrina, Luke, Ethan, Brantley, and Carsyn. Where are all my little princesses?! ... I also have baby Thomas who both his mommy and himself are one of my favorite babies first year kids! On top of all my regulars we are preparing four our PPA Family Portrait Day Event next Saturday. Next up will be our Christmas holiday special. This is my favorite time of year where I can let me creative juices run wild with all our projects! 

Our Studio!

It warms my heart to finally be able to let everyone know we have officially moved into our NEW STUDIO! We did our first session in the new space today with Mr. Ethan, who by the way was a complete pleasure to work with! We have worked long and hard to come to this point and we can not thank our clients enough for the overwhelming support they have given us. These last couple of days have been long but most certainly rewarding. We have worked very hard with getting everything ready for our busy upcoming week. Next week we will have our next in line baby's first year shoot with a very special princess. 

Lifestyle Babies

Another hint to add to your list is a new update to what we offer. We have had a couple clients inquire about "hospital sessions" so we have decided to add it to our menu. There is nothing quite like the moment when you meet and hold your newborn for the very first time. From active labor, to hours after birth, we will document. Your family can put their cameras down and be “in the moment”, there to support you, and experience the day right along with you. They are similar in style to our newborn photography, unposed and natural. Our goal is to capture you and your baby totally soaking in the first precious moments (meeting siblings or other family members, first bath, breastfeeding etc.) while emotions are still high and everything is brand new. 

Sincerely, Me


As I wind down for the night I can't help myself but to give you all a few hints on what is coming up this week! The first hint is in the photo below.. My new Canon 1d camera!! Can you say UPGRADE? I am so in love and can't wait to share the amazing photos this beauty will help me to achieve. We will throw the 5d to the back burner and use it as the back up camera for now. I will post hint #2 and maybe even #3 tomorrow night! 

Also the photographer in me came out tonight and I just had to snap a few shots of the sky, behind our house, to share with you! AMAZING! 

As always.. Sincerely, Me

Lights & Limits

“Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography..” {George Eastman}

The environment in which people thrive feeds my vision. Love, passion, earth, sky, water, are all parts of life and they are what creates photography. To know yourself and appreciate your surroundings you can then create a beautiful picture with meaning. Once you can master your atmosphere then you can fully understand what it mean to be a photographer and see the beauty in everything. 

This weekend I focused on light. When it comes to light it is about quality not quantity. A simple glimmer of sun peaking through a tree line can make a photo. We took a spontaneous beach trip last night and I can not begin to describe the amazing sunset. They say your eyes are like a shutter, and that they were last night. So much that I wanted to capture the beauty of the skies to share with you!.. As some may say “The sky’s the limit”… 

Today we took a back road drive to Bradley’s Country Store and walked around. The air, butterflies, sunshine was incredible! Love your surroundings, appreciate it, and you will succeed! I will continue to share my memories, thoughts, words, appreciations with you so you can pass your love for these things on as well. 

Sincerely, Me

Out With The Old & In With The New

Technology changes all the time. Phones become out dated, file types that were supported yesterday may not be supported tomorrow, they are already eliminating DVD drives on computers, USB drives can’t be far behind the same obsolete status.  So the time has come… I researched pricing again, and again, and AGAIN, re-did the math, and took a deep breath and rolled out the new business model for Bri Whigham Photography LLC. We will now be a full service one stop shop offering IPS (In Person Sales) instead of “Shoot & Burn” as they call it. 

On October 1st, 2015 the new business model will begin!  I’m very excited to offer this all inclusive service and can not wait for all of you to have a special experience to remember.  Not only will I tell your story but now I can help you preserve your story for generations to come through new sessions and print packages.  Yes, you can still have access to digital files and there are payment plans available for everyone.  Sessions will include a reveal appointment designed for you where we can sit down and look at your images together.  You’ll be able to view samples and a slide show of your images.  I will walk you through the ordering process and answer any questions you may have. 

 I love photography & and I BELIEVE in photography.  I believe that photography can extract emotions like no other media can.  I believe that photography is the best “historian” your family can have.  I believe photography remembers what the years may forget…

Sincerely, Me

New Kid on the Block

Today is a big day for BWP! We revamped our ENTIRE website along with new surprises for all my wonderful clients to come! We have projects galore going on! I can not begin to explain how long I have been staring at this computer screen today typing, editing, drafting, planning, redesigning... One thing I can tell you is we have lots of new things to come including this whole blogging thing. People keep telling me it will be good for my business so here it goes! Stay tuned for whats new over here in the blogging world!

Sincerely, Me

 New Thumbnail & Signature Picture

New Thumbnail & Signature Picture


Giving Back

Bri Whigham Photography is always looking for ways to give back. I want my business to make a difference in the lives of those who serve our country as it is very dear to my heart. Both the Operation Homefront Charity and the Wounded Warrior Project provide support and emergency financial aid to military families and wounded veterans. For Military families who book me for a 2015 shoot, they will receive 25% off of the session of their choice (including weddings and special events), and all profit after cost will be donated to one of these two charities. I hope that I can make an impact, whether its small or large, on the lives of those who need it. 

If you are, or know of, a Military family, spouse, child, etc please contact me for the above opportunity. 

We have also joined with HeartsApart.org. HeartsApart.org is a non profit organization that was created to keep families connected while our military men and women are serving abroad. Through the efforts of our community's finest photographers, HeartsApart.org provides our soon to be deployed servicemen and women with pictures of their spouses and children at no cost. The photographs are printed on waterproof and durable bi-folded cards, which fit securely in their uniform pocket. HeartsApart.org believes that our military personnel deserve and need the memory of their families to carry them through the difficult times that lie ahead.